About the website www.numere-prime.ro

What is numere-prime.ro?

  • numere-prime.ro is a website that offers you the following online features:
  • checking whether a number is prime or not
  • running automatically the prime factorization of composite numbers (decomposing, breaking down numbers into prime factors)
  • calculating the greatest common factor GCF - also called the greatest common divisor, GCD, or the highest common factor, HCF - of two numbers
  • calculating the least common multiple LCM of two numbers
  • reducing fractions to the lowest terms (fractions simplification)
  • checking whether a number is divisible by another or not
  • calculating all the factors (divisors) of a number OR all the common divisors of two numbers
  • checking whether two numbers are coprime or not - the coprime numbers are also called mutually prime, relatively prime, or prime to each other
  • checking on numbers' parity - is it an even or odd number?

What is the main purpose of numere-prime.ro

The website numere-prime.ro aims to provide users with some free reliable tools that automatically perform operations related to the prime factors or the numbers' parity, followed by extensive explanations, step by step. These tools can be used both as to perform the above operations fast, in order to save time, but also as an online learning / checking tool.

Why this website?

In 2012 I wrote a short article about the prime numbers in the section of the "known facts" of haios.ro website. This short article contained a list of the prime numbers up to 200. I noticed that the site visitors were very interested in this topic, of the prime numbers.

Here's a link to this article, containing a list of the prime numbers up to 200, in the section of haios.ro known facts (Romanian language): list of prime numbers up to 200. From here to the idea of creating a website that automatically performs various operations based on the prime numbers (prime factorization algorithm) wasn't a much longer way: numbere-prime.ro

What can you do?

If you find this website useful, spread the word, tell your friends, colleagues and those that need a prime factorization tool. At the same time, any feedback to improve our service is more than welcome and ultimately helps all the visitors.


We thank all our visitors who recommend friends and colleagues numere-prime.ro website or come by with valuable suggestions. Our site will continue to grow and develop thanks to you and your opinions. :-)

numere-prime.ro team

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